ClearRecord Pro – Noise free voice recorder App Reviews

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Brilliant recorder.

Thank you.

Of no use

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.1 The program tells me: No recording because of not enough memory. 4 GB are available!!!!

A lot better than built in recording

This is amazing. I tried it in the mall and other places. Noise reduction works very well. Also, You can listen according to the speed that you choose. And it is free now. Thank you.

Decent but no background recording

As the tittle says. No background recording.

.. :-(

No background sound No multitasking function

I wish

It is among the best ones but I wish I: 1-could type longer topics. 2-could listen to all recording when touched play button once rather than keep touching it for each session of recording. Thank you kindly


Sounds like the inside of a tunnel. Terrible muffled sound. Waste of money.


I had my doubts, but the noise reduction was excellent. I was able to record in my normal speaking voice in a room with a very loud fan, with no distortion. Also, you can turn off the screen while recording, which is ideal.


Sounds are really bad, dont buy it

Cannot export into iTunes

I have an iPhone 5 and iOS 8.1. I am unable to export any of my clear record audio files into iTunes which I used to be able to do. Are you issuing an update to correct this bug? Also I accidentally changed the setting to A and cant change it back. There is no help menu so I dont even know what that function is.


Use to be my favorite app. This new version requires 3 clicks to erase a file, ridiculous!!! Also, now you cant see where you are in the recording. They just ruined a perfect app :(

Essential App for my Business

This app used to be fantastic, but now it is frustrating and counter productive. 1. The new UI is abysmal. Too busy. No way am I categorizing my recordings on my device. Who thought this was a useful addition? I am clicking all over the place on tiny share buttons whereas before there was a unified send button. 2. The files are significantly larger than they used to be. 3. ZIP. wth? This is not a good way to send emails. The files are already compressed so zipping makes no sense. Email and a/v programs do not look favorably on zip files. More clicks are required to open the received files. 4. Waveforms are pretty but unnecessary. 5. Why not have these new settings as options? 6. I want the ability to send to preset recipients. 7. Do you realize that an iPhone cannot open the zip attachment?


実験環境= 2時間の録音、speechモード、小指の先っちょ位の外付けマイク、Noise Reductionモード、室内の声の録音。 結果= 音はとてもクリア。WiFiでのiTunesへの転送は10分程度。 USBケーブルでの転送もiTunes経由で可能。 寸評: 会議や会話の録音目的には十分。トリミングは出来ないですが、ファイルサイズが小さいのでipod touch上で刈り込んでおく必要はないかも。 要望: 1. I want MARKER. 追記2010. 11. 9 USB転送は便利です。瞬時にすみます。wifi、USB転送はともに動作は安定しています。 追加要望: 2. Trimming on this app! 3. If we could set the mail-to address In advance, it would be comfy. Coz I often send short recordings to my address.


お風呂でカラオケ実験したが、ファン音が見事に消えてた。他アプリやNRオフでも確認出来る。 さて、本命の英会話録音に役立つかな? 速度変更も秀逸。ちゃんと音程変えずに聞こえる。出来ればx2までサポートしてもらえると嬉しい。 あと、一定時間無音で別ファイルに分ける機能も。 追伸 録音や再生のバックグラウンド対応も欲しい。 Comment: Great noise cancel feature it is! Request : I would like to support playing speed x2! And auto file separate function by silence. Auto stop and auto rec mode. 04/11/2011 add Please support background play(and record).


講義の録音に使用中。 ノイズが少なく、聴きやすい。→ノイズキャンセルし過ぎて音源が途切れて使い物にならない 130916追記 アップデートしてから会話の録音が頻繁に途切れます。おそらく録音して欲しい音源がノイズとして判断されやすくなっているためだと思います。正直今の状態では使い物になりません。 折角Dropbox連携によって再生し易くなったのにもったいないです。ノイズキャンセリングのアルゴリズムを以前のものに戻した方がいいと思います。 111218追記 iPhoneで録音してそのままイヤホンで聞く時に、再生機能の不十分さが目立ちます。非常に綺麗に録音出来ているのに、再生し辛く聞くのが億劫になります。 I want following features using when listening to conference note. 1.marker 2.back to 30 second


標準のボイスメモは音質も良いですが容量も大きくなります。 こちらは低ビットレートでの録音ができるので、主に会話の録音で活躍しております。 crash on iOS9.2 thats sad


Please add 30 second preview button, overerite option and playlist option like listening mp3 on i tuness. İf you add all you ll be perfect. Thanks.

Good app, but what about Sync?

this is a good app, its really reduces noise IN TIMES!!! I tested it in different enviroments and their promotion is true: its best app from the noises reduction point of view! if you are loooking for app that allows you to reord your thoughts even in VERY noise enviroment like railway station or airport -> this is the best app without any competitors in the market! But, if you are looking for something advanced you will be totally disappointed! competitors have: 1) Sync with Dropbox, Wuala(!!!), Custom WebDav server(!!!), SpiderOak, FTP, SkyDrive, iCloud (!!!) etc services There is no ANY Sync. only wi-fi sync -> you must connect via bowser from PC, manuaally click on record, then it promts to store file in some location. This is a bad "workflow". Really... 2) ability to "stop" record, then in few days to continue to record it again. There is the on;y option is "pause" and "completely to stop" -> no any chance to add new thoughts to the same record 3) ability to add custom meta-tags to resulted *.m4a file or edit them. There is no such feature! add it and then youll be almost the best :) ah, what about the counter? I cant reset the counter, Every time I rename my record to some custom name like "blah-blah.m4a", but it names all new recorde with "record_<counter++>" so, I have recortd_121 etc! How can I reset the counter?

Great for memorization

The option to play multiple recordings in a loop and at different speeds is really slick. Overall a nifty app thats very helpful when trying to memorize.

Still buggy

As of July 2016 I am still getting error messages and failure to playback despite the developer having known about this problem for awhile. I have the paid version. Having failed to back up a lot of my recordings when they were playable on Clear Record, Ive lost a bunch of tunes from fiddle jams Id hoped to learn. Ill soon have to give up and delete the app.

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